Brunch out south of the Yarra


I sometimes think that Melbourne is a game of hide and seek. The best restaurants and bars are often hidden away in an alley off an alley off an alley and word of mouth is the only way to discover them. I discovered Krimper because a friend who lives in the city told me about it. I would never have stumbled across it otherwise. It took me ten minutes to navigate through the tiny alleyways to find this dining institution hidden in an old industrial warehouse. When I saw the Krimper sign I felt a huge sense of achievement, as if I have uncovered a wonderful gift that someone had hidden just for me to find.


The alleyway location makes Krimper a dimly lit café. Perfectly cozy for a rainy winter’s day but less appealing when the weather outside is kind and you want to make the most out of the sunshine. Krimper’s past include serving as a sawmill and later becoming a cabinetmaking factory. The owners preserved every possible aspect of Krimper’s old life to give you a unique journey into Melbourne’s past. Everything about this place is just cool, from the bikes hanging on the wall to the old lift (now dining booth) positioned in the middle of the room, which offers an intimate and somewhat unusual dining option.


The one pager breakfast menu shows promise with a modern twist on the usual breakfast fare. Items include the Ocean egg – beetroot cured Hapuko, poached egg and a corn fritter and the Bircher with pineapple, lime, chili and silvered almonds. My co-bruncher orders the Mushroom Scram – mushroom duket, truffle oil ad manchego and I order the French Toast – Almond crust, lemon lime curd, meringue, basil and strawberries.


Our meals are pleasant and coffee by Proud Mary does not disappoint. My French toast is a real dessert delicacy and the lemon lime curd has a strong flavour, just the way I like it. The mushroom scram is aromatic, light and fluffy.


The atmosphere on a Sunday is very relaxed and we are able to sit here for hours catching up without getting looks from wait staff hinting that we must leave so they can seat other patrons. I am also delighted to be able to have our own table, without having to squash against a counter or communal table. Overall, an exciting place to discover which offers a unique glimpse into Melbourne’s industrial past.

The verdict

Food: 7.5 out of 10

Staff: 8 out of 10

Atmosphere: 9 out of 10

Best for: A catch up before shopping at the Vic Market, a place to take overseas visitors, escape from the corporate daily grind.

Getting here: 20 Guilford Lane, Melbourne. Use Google maps to find this one! It is off Queen Street close to the south-east corner of Queen and La Trobe Streets.


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