Brunch out south of the Yarra

So what is it about breakfast anyway?

Breakfast. Experts say that it is the most important meal of the day. But in Melbourne, a dining institution offering modern breakfast together with an excellent coffee is quickly becoming the cornerstone of a community. image Over breakfast, I have confessed to my friends my dreams, fears, victories and frustrations. I argued over politics, searched for properties for rent and sale (why is it so expensive?), talked business or just escaped the daily grind, getting lost in the daily paper, letting colourful characters walk me by. I have quietly observed 14 years in Melbourne where quality cafés were becoming an equal force in driving property prices up, in the same manner as schools and public transport. So why only breakfast, not lunch or dinner? Since my work as a waitress back when I was 16, until my current role in the corporate world, breakfast is the one luxury I never had. It is always a rushed meal on the go, usually in the car, on the train or at my desk. And then… the weekend arrives. You suddenly have time to think about indulgence, see loved ones and take your time getting to celebrate your food. It is one of the few times in the week where YOU are your own top priority. For all these reasons my friends, SouthSideBrunch is here to inspire, entertain and just offer you an alternative to your stale toast. And let’s face it… who wants to do dishes anyway?


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